Below is our list of Partners who are consulted to ensure that GBAA is the association for the players.


Tactical Edge Hobbies

Tactical Edge Hobbies have a number of years experience both as participants and as suppliers to the Gel Ball Blaster community. Their specialist team regularly attend events as not only players but Event Organisers and Technical consultants.  They supply equipment to all around Australia and are direct importers of equipment.


Chainsaw Products

Chainsaw Products provides GBAA with the knowledge and experience of modifications and repairs to Gel Blasters that cannot be surpassed.

GELSOFT Australia

Gelsoft Australia is the premier Gelsoft event provider in Australia. The game field is Located at Tamborine in Queensland and is specifically designed for the Sport of Gelsoft. It has multiple playing areas designed specifically for use within the sport and is Ione of the most unique experiences in Australia where you can play your game amongst real life Ex Service Army tanks and Transport vehicles.