Common Sense and Owning a Blaster

While Gel Blasters are only a toy, due to the nature of the product a common sense approach is required when handling them. As members of the Gel Blaster Association of Australia it is imperative that we support the sport in the most positive of lights and uphold our behaviour to the highest standard to help protect the sport of Gelsoft. The most important of these behaviours is not to cause alarm with members of the general public by improper use or display of these toys. If you do have any doubts around what is acceptable behaviour please find the below list that we have created for your reference.

  • Do not ever go out into the public with your blaster on display, if you are transporting your blaster please always make sure it is covered or secure in a case of some description.
  • Do not take your blaster to work/school, out into your street or shoot out of cars. You could face severe criminal consequences.
  • They are to be used in the privacy of your own home/backyard or at an organised private event/function. Please be smart with how you use your blaster/s.
  • When transporting your blaster/s please have a box, bag or towel to cover it. Only Transport your blaster when necessary (eg. To an organised event etc.)
  • Do not point a gel blaster at anything or anyone outside of games both privately organised in a safe environment or organised event
  • Do not shoot gels at animals.
  • Make sure eye protection is worn when using your blaster/s.
  • Do not leave your battery charging at home unattended.
  • Do not charge your battery longer than 4 hours. The USB charger will flash green whilst charging, Solid green when charged.
  • Do not load your blaster with gels unless you plan on using it.
  • Always detach the magazine and battery from your baster when not in use or in storage.
  • Do not put un-soaked gels into your magazine or blaster. They need to be soaked in water.
  • Do not freeze your gels as it could damage your blaster.
  • Do not pull apart or use upgrades on your gel blaster or you will void your warranty

As Members we hope that you all are forthcoming with any further helpful knowledge that you wish to share with the group. More Importantly please also be aware that there may be criminal charges associated if caught doing any of the above mentioned activities and that jail time is a real possibility should you be caught recklessly behaving with these products. As such any Members that have any charges laid with improper use of equipment will be banned from membership and the information will be shared with other associations as well as with retailers.