About GBAA

Why the GBAA

To ensure that GBAA is acting for the benefit of its Members and the event players - we have formed a Board to administer GBAA. Each member has been chosen to provide a vast range of knowledge to cover all aspects of Legislation, Events, Gameplay and the required knowledge for all Gel Ball Enthusiasts.

As you may or may not be aware, one of the key challenges facing the sport at the moment is that there is quite a bit of legislative noise surrounding the legality of Gel Blasters in Queensland and Australia. While they are Currently Legal under current Australian Law, the interpretation of these Laws is managed differently state by state and in some states they have been restricted by police. Due to the nature of these products and with gel blaster incidents occurring in public due as a result of poor consumer management, Queensland Police were discussing changing their interpretation of the Law, which would not have been a great outcome for the sport which is currently enjoyed by 10's of thousands of Queenslanders.  One of the ways QPS were looking to manage participants in our sport was by making any purchaser require a genuine purpose for the use of Gel blasters, when in reality these products are simply a toy, so the only real genuine purpose for these was for playing games with blasters. So after much consultation with Queensland Police and our legal team we decided that  instead of leaving the regulation of the industry to Government, it was better take the initiative for the sport and begin self regulating. As a result GBAA was born and we have assembled a team of specialists that have been with the sport since day one.

To ensure the long term success of the organisation we have partnered with corporate sponsors such as Tactical Edge Hobbies, Australia's leading supplier of Gel Blasters, as well as, ChainSaw Products. The reason for these partnerships is paramount to the ongoing success of the sport. After having stock seized and held by Australian Border Force without any solid legal reason, Peter Clark and the team from Tactical Edge hobbies took the Australian Federal police to court and won, paving the way for the Gel Blasters to be still made available in Queensland. In addition to his proven track record as the main driving force behind the legal success, as well as his ongoing consultation as part of the QLD firearms forum, his business has also pledged that any legal costs will be covered should the QPS and legislators try and change any Laws surrounding gel blasters. They have also committed to ensuring that no consumer is disadvantaged by paying the $20 membership fee and have offered an ongoing 5% discount across their product suite in perpetuity for all GBAA members.


What does my Membership provide.

At this stage the GBAA is just starting out and there will be many more benefits to joining as our offer evolves and as the sport grows. At this stage your membership fee covers the actual administration of the GBAA, as well as the benefits listed below

  • Professional consultation and representation for any upcoming dealings with QPS
  • Ongoing accreditation and learning standards to ensure consumer education is maintained in line with QPS expectations
  • Access to Members only special offers for products and services, including Gelsoft Australia and any new corporate partners
  • Notification of any upcoming potential Legislative changes
  • Technical talks and training as well as knowledge sharing events
  • Integrated player league creation and monitoring (End of 2019)
  • Professional guidance for private members

As mentioned this is just the start of what we plan to do for you, but, if you have any questions or would like to contribute, please let us know on  admin@gbaa.com.au